Lanières tenture de chaise

In summer 2003, MONOFIL-TECHNIK GmbH took over the entire PA11 RILSAN® Monofilament activities of Atofina France.

Furthermore we have the exclusive rights, as the only monofilament producer worldwide, to use the brand name RILSAN® for monofilaments in the area of bristles, technical monofilaments and chair coverings.

The RILSAN® monofilaments for the chair covering market, also known in France as the typical bistro stool, are produced exclusively by MONOFIL-TECHNIK GmbH, which offers a variety of about 20 colors
and two profiles (single and double).

Packaging can be delivered either as any DIN* plastic spools or as rings.
*DIN = Deutsche Industrie Norm = German Industrial Standard

There are no limits to individual color requests. Please ask us.

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