The area of TROFIL® Turf Monofilament Sport Turfs covers various markets, which are also very different in their requirements.

Therefore it is important to develop a product to meet each market’s special needs. Only one company can meet this challenge. The company that has for many years done its own developing and is able to use this hard won knowledge to develop a product that meets 100 % the individual requirements.


Texturizing and threading of the sport turf thread from TROFIL-GREEN® Turf Monofilaments is done at our own factory. Thus are all imaginable combinations, including mixing various raw materials, possible.

TROFIL-GREEN® Monofilament Sport Turfs are used in:
  • Hockey fields
  • American football fields
  • Golf tee-off mats
  • Football/Soccer fields
  • Artificial Grass for gardens

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