RILSAN® - Monofilaments made from PA11 is found in nature or more exactly put the raw material PA11 RILSAN® is derived from the castor oil plant.

MONOFIL-TECHNIK GmbH has the exclusive rights as the only monofilament producer world wide to use the RILSAN® trade mark in the areas of bristles, technical monofilaments and chair coverings.

The following characteristics of PA11 RILSAN® - monofilaments for technical applications, which are comparable to the characteristics of PA12 Monofilaments, allow us to offer a unique and first-class product:


  • Low density
  • High form stability (low water absorption)
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Low friction coefficient
  • High continual quality

In comparison to PA12 - Monofiliments, PA11 RILSAN® Monofilaments have the following advantages:        

  • Weather resistance
  • Temperature resistance
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