Our technical TROFIL®-Monofilaments can be found in the wide field of Filter- and Sieve-fabrics for the chemical and food industry.

For example:
  • Colour pigment manufacturing
  • Chlorine electrolysis
  • Mash filters for Breweries
  • Chilling conveyors
  • Strainers
  • Fruit juice and wine presses
  • Sugar Industry

Many applications for TROFIL® can also be found in the conveyor belt sector. MONOFIL-TECHNIK GmbH is active In the area of Paper machine covering for forming sieves and Cordings for press felts and dry sieves.

Furthermore, a large field of application is TROFIL® Turf-Monofilaments for high-tech Sport Surfaces, such as American Football fields, Hockey grounds, Golf tee-off mats and high quality Football fields. The field of Turning-filter coverings for Cellulose processing should also be mentioned, where special high shrinkage Polypropylene and PVDF-Monofilaments are employed.

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