The Company

The MONOFIL-TECHNIK GmbH in its current form was founded in 1984.
It is the exclusive producer of synthetic monofilaments, through which, with a few exceptions, we are able to produce monofilaments using all the thermoplastics known in the world market.


The most modern extrusion technology, which is used by us today for monofilament production, has allowed us to achieve an absolute top position among the worldwide monofilament manufacturers.


Over the years, our production spectrum has grown to well over 30 thermoplastics. As a result, the company stands for a variety of patented special monofilaments including the world wide oldest protected trade name TROFIL®.

In the summer of 2003, MONOFIL-TECHNIK GmbH received the exclusive right to produce and market PA11 Monofilaments from RILSAN® in the area of technical monofilaments, brushes and chair coverings.

We can say today, with pride and without exaggerating, that MONOFIL-TECHNIK GmbH through continuing investment in the most modern monofilament thread stream with 3-times reinforcement is the worldwide Number 1 in versatility of monofilament production. 



  • Technical monofilaments / Special twisted technical monofilaments
  • Fishing-Line PLATIL®
  • Cutting-Line FLEXLINE®
  • TROFIL® Tennis strings
  • Bristles
  • Synthetic turf TROFIL® Turf
  • Blasting abrasive PENTCORN®
  • Chair covering  monofilaments
  • 3D printing / Additive manufacturing monofilaments
  • Hotmelt adhesive monofilaments

The product range we offer is used in various areas. Our target is to bring the potential of MONOFIL-TECHNIK GmbH, using our core competencies, into the newest target groups and markets as well as take care of our longstanding relationships with our clients and suppliers.

A continuous development of products and competencies will be beneficial in the long-term for all interested parties.

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